Wireless Stick Lite V3 Telemetrics and "Privacy"

I am sorry for this basic question. I have just started into pushing my knowledge boundaries and this might be basic for many.

I have some WSL_V3 boards I want to use for remote nodes. One of them is piggybacking off a solar controller attached to an off grid GMRS repeater. I have some INA219/260 boards that I would like to use to monitor the voltage/current of the main 12volt battery. I am having trouble figuring out of the WSL_V3 is able to be hooked up as I can’t find the obvious I2C connection. It was pretty straight forward with the T-Lora board I used to just test out my theory but that board isn’t reliable.

Secondly, I would prefer to not have the GPS location of this node shot out over the default “public” network. I have a secondary channel with a custom key. Is there a way to keep that from happening besides just turning off location all together or turning off the default channel?

See my replies above in bold.

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My understanding is that you could set the default ‘public’ network as a secondary channel with name LongFast and the PSK to the default AQ== and then your channel with custom key as primary channel. Then the position will be broadcasted over the primary channel with custom key.

@Crichton am I correct?

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So, I’m not sure. I’ve just tested this and I’m able to see each device’s location with the setup as shown below.

Device A – Custom configured channel with random PSK as primary channel. One secondary channel is using the default settings. “LongFast” and “AQ==”.
Device B – Only default channel. “LongFast” and “AQ==”.

Both devices are able to request/view each other’s positions.

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Ah, that’s right, I can imagine that requesting a position indeed works now that DMs over secondary channels work. But Device A shouldn’t broadcast its position periodically on the public channel.

Good point. I’ll have to test it without requesting and see what happens.

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Thank you for the responses!

I follow the logic for the conversations about location data over channel broadcasts. Sounds like I will have to either just turn off the data or remove the “public” default channel all together. I want to contribute to an overall larger net and I don’t mind sharing the location from a “privacy” standpoint, but vandals/theft is always a concern.

I did review the Meshtastic Docs and saw the pinout for the WSL_V3 but through my own ignorance I cant seem to figure out which ones would be needed to connect to the SCL and SDA pins on the INA219/260 board. I am sure this is probable basic knowledge from some and I again apologize. Would someone be able to point it out? I copied over the pinout from the Doc section.

From the docs page I linked. Top right of the image you posted.

Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 6.27.52 PM

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Everything other than direct messages on the other channels goes on the primary channel. You can set up a secondary channel called longfast on Lora channel 20 if you want a public channel that does not have your positions.

OMG…it was staring me right in the face…

Thank you so much!

Today I have been trying to get the WSL v3 boards to work with I2C devices.

Neither my INA260 nor my .96 inch OLED screen seen to power on. I have voltage and ground but I must be missing something.

I have gotten both devices to work with T-Beams and Lilygo Lora32 boards?

Thoughts on where to start troubleshooting?

I also threw up a post over at the Heltec boards:

Are you using the 5v or 3v3 pin for power? The 5v will only work with USB power.

I am using the 3.3 volt pin.

Hmm. Interesting, I’m running a BME680 on my WSLv3 without issue. Sorry, I can’t help further!

Display will not work there due to:
#define HAS_SCREEN 0 in variant.h

Which pins you use ? I cannot get them to work, tried 2.2.17 and up

They were actually updated a couple months ago. One of the developers figured out what the pins were actually setup for the i2c bus in the schematics. Heltec V3 devices use GPIO 41 for SDA and GPIO 42 for SCL. I just realized the docs are incorrect still so I’ll fix that.

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With these pins I get reading form the bme,thanks.
Sadly oled screen still not working due to the has screen=0
I’ll post a feature request for that on the GitHub.

Yeah, for a screen to work on the wsl since it does not have one you’ll need to remove that line from the variant file and compile the firmware manually.