Battery Powered LilyGo LoRa ESP32 V1.0 SX1276

I got two of these boards to play with along side some T-Beams. They seems to work and I plan on using them in a router operation. For one the power source will be piggy packing off a solar powered GMRS repeater on a mountain top. For the other I would like to make it a simple “droppable” unit where it can be placed temporarily. It will be powered by an 18650 through the JST 2pin. When powered this way the board is showing as if it is still powered through the USB port and the screen won’t turn off. Firmware is Meshtastic 2.0.8.

Any one have any advice on how to get the board the recognize that it is battery powered?

i also have one of these, and its working nicely.
i measured just 3-6mA current… (and 100-200 mA when broadcasting), so it can well be powered by solar.
but i think it does not have a battery managment.
it is a very old board, and just the newer versions have that.
if you connect a battery and USB at the same time, the battery will be overcharged to 5V and there will be some damage.

when installed as a solar powered router, i am planing to mechanically CUT-OFF the display to save some mA.
i hope that it will still be funktional after that.

So glad I found you guys. Apologies I am new to this I have 3 T beams and have had a play with them and great results.
I then bought these same boards as you, lora esp32 v2.1 sx1276 which had disaster radio pre loaded, could not get that to work and bought them specifically to use as repeaters on meshtastic anyway.
Can you advise the software you have used to flash these boards and any other info that can help me please.

It’s pretty simple. Use this web-based flasher.

Select your device, TLora should match.
Select the latest beta version.
Select the wipe and install option.

You can also use this to update the firmware on your t-beams.

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