Where is the world map?

The Configuring MQTT docs mention:

The simplest option is to connect your mesh to the official Meshtastic MQTT broker. This makes your devices appear on the world map, and provides a copy of your mesh traffic, translated into JSON.

Where is this world map? I found https://map.meshtastic.org/ from a search engine - is this the one being referred to? If so, I assume this is linked to from the site somewhere and I’ve glossed over it (where?).

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Good question. I was also wondering. The link to https://map.meshtastic.org/ does not work at the moment. DNS record does not exist.

I believe @sachaw took it down as it needs to be updated to be compatible with 2.0+.

For now, a similar experience can be had via the webUI, but only for a selected channel, all you need is an MQTT connected node: https://client.meshtastic.org/
I will be writing a new version in the future with expanded functionality, but will likely be part of a larger overhaul of MQTT & external routing