Where is the file browser?


I recently setup two tbean with Meshtastic, and I’m trying to do a range test.
I think I’ve set everything up correctly, and I can access the device with my web browser. However I cannot find the Extensions > File Browser > rangetest.csv file from the doc.
I don’t even see Extensions in my UI.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Or is there a way to get the data from the CLI instead?

For reference, here’s the UI looks like on my device:

(I’m not sure what the seq… messages are, but since they started appearing after I configured the range tests, I assume they are connected?)

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I don’t think there is currently a way to download the csv from the webui. You can download a file from android or position logs on iOS.

Thanks. Unfortunately, the Android app apparently only exports the data that was received while it is connected to the device, but doesn’t download the rangetest data from the device.

Found it :tada:

In case someone else has the same issue: if wifi is enabled, the file is simply available at http://meshtastic.local/rangetest.csv.


Huh. That’s good info to have.

I can’t seem to access the file. I vaguely remember being able to access the file in the past but now, for some reason, I cannot do it anymore!