Meshtastic.local/static missing

Hi all,

I’m new to meshtastic and still learning. I’m trying to get the range test working, but have been unable to access the meshtastic.local/static page. I get the error: “The requested file or directory could not be found”.
I’ve done a fresh install of the latest firmware using meshtastic-flasher. Hardware is a TBEAM 1.1. Firmware version is 1.2.64.fc48fcd , region is EU433.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

Many thanks.


I believe this directory has moved in a recent update. Try going to Extensions > File Browser in the web interface instead.

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Docs should now reflect this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks guys. Found it now. I appreciate the quick response. Now I need to go for a run and see where it can reach me.

And one more question related to this - how do you delete the rangetest.csv file? I saw reference to there being a waste bin icon in the file browser, but can’t see one in my web page.

It’s a known issue, delete hasn’t been implemented yet on the file browser. If you update the web content using ip/admin it will delete and reinstall all files. (At least if you’re upgrading the web client, unsure how it behaves on a “reinstall”)

I am having this same issue. When I go into Extensions > File Browser, this is what I see:

How can I resolve this?