What is the most common frequency everyone is using in the UK

New here and looking to grow my network. Currently have a couple of 915mhz and one 433mhz . What is the most common used frequency for the mesh in the UK? Or is this not relevant as the mesh is only created within each network group.So i just use modules on the same frequency within my own mesh. Or do nodes on any group repeat through traffic invisibly from other groups? I assume there is no set up for routing messages between frequencies.

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I’ve only used the 868 firmware on a 868/915 capable 0.7 t-beam, I havn’t had a chance to get my SDR stuff out and check the actual frequency it is using. I dont think I can use 915 without a amateur radio license?

More on relaying messages can be found here: https://meshtastic.discourse.group/t/how-do-multiple-mesh-networks-interact-if-at-all

Current max hop count is 3 (https://meshtastic.discourse.group/t/how-many-hops-can-lora-do )

(Additional information can be found here: https://meshtastic.discourse.group/t/headless-base-station-repeater )

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I’ve got 2 TBeams on 868MHz

I’ve two units on 433mhz on order. Thought I’d get 433 as the range should be more. I am a licensed radioamateur in UK so can use an amplifier if needs be :slight_smile:

I find this information in internet
I believe UK has the same frequencies as Europe 433Mhz and 868Mhz, since it was previously part of it

My TTGO V1.1 868Mhz Transmits to 866.946 Mhz. I also did a test with the SDR Radio. I leave the test images below


I have two t-beam 433Mhz in UK - I dont think concerns about congestion in that band are an issue. I have run gqrx with a realtec sdr and dont see much, garage door openers, door bells etc are low powered and short transmission time, their duty cycle must be a small fraction. You could always shift meshtastic to the fringes of the 433 spectrum if you want and avoid all that.

For 868Mhz is it seems the things network LoRaWAN in EU use that mainly from what I gather, if you think you may want to use that in the future maybe get 868Mhz, if not get 433Mhz.


If you are in Europe you cannot use 915Mhz, I don’t even believe with a license for the fact that cell phones use that frequency. You can safely use the 868 - 433 Mhz without worries with a lora device.

I’m pretty certain 915MHz isn’t legal to use in the UK.

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What specific frequency are you looking at using within the UHF band, and to what power level are you considering using for TX?

I was given a Heltec V3 to play with which is 868mHz.

I understand on paper that 433mHz should reach farther by using the larger antenna that matches it, but 868mHz is allowed more that double the permitted output, without a license.

I looked on a Meshtastic map, and all of the spot check I did showed all 868mHz nodes, so I’ll stick to that frequency.
I have a Ham licence!