Web Interface - "You need to enable javascript to run this app"

I’ve read the Web Interface Configuration page several times and feel like I must be missing something obvious.

I have 1.2.52.b63802c installed, I booted it up to enable WiFi and successfully connected however when I navigate to Meshtastic.local I see the icon in the browser tab but it’s a blank screen, when I view the page source it says “You must enable Javascript to run this app” (it is enabled on my notebook).

In the documentation it has a section for “upload web interface files” but then doesn’t really tell you how to do that, is this the part I’ve missed? I assumed they were part of the firmware based on the message there.

Thanks for any help! Loving Meshtastic :slight_smile:

what browser are you using? try Chromium based

I’ve tried Chrome, Safari and Brave on my iPhone I’ve also tried Chrome on my Chromebook with no luck :frowning:

Won’t work on the iPhone or in safari, does work in chrome on my Mac at http://meshtastic.local

Just some additional information:

I tried again in Chrome on my chromebook and watched the network tab, it fails to load both “inter.css” and “mapbox-gl.js” with the error “Failed to load response data: No data found for resource with given identifier”.

If you try opening those urls in a new tab do they load?