IOS / Android app using WiFi connection?

I’d love to see future versions of the mobile apps have the option to communicate with the devices over either WiFi or Bluetooth. I know I can open the meshtastic.local site via Chrome or Safari on the mobile devices, but the push notifications of the mobile apps is something that I haven’t been able to replicate with the web version. From a technical standpoint, would it be possible to have the apps connect over WiFi?

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WiFi is a lot less power efficient so it is really only useful for the house / basecamp part of a network, I have an issue for the iOS app but it does not have any priority. Not likely to be added anytime soon.

Understood. That’s where I was planning on using it - at the home/base location. I’m sure there are a lot more important tasks at hand, but I wanted to toss the idea out while I was thinking of it. I appreciate the work you and the other developers are doing.