Can't access Meshtastic Web Server from Mobile

I’ve enabled the Soft AP and connect to Meshtastic’s WiFi successfully but the page wont load on my iPhone using Chrome, Safari or Brave browsers, it gets half way loading and just hangs. I can successfully connect from my laptop connected the same way (via Chrome).

I joined the device as a client to my home WiFi and accessed it just fine from my iPhone using Chrome.

This was an issue a month or two ago so I just tried upgrading to newer firmware (1.2.59.d81c1c0) but I’m still having the same issue – am I missing something obvious?

P.S. I also have the iOS app but I like the idea of the web interface as it can be used by anyone without having to install an app ahead of time.

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Noticed the same thing:
Web UI stays empty when connected to Meshtastic as AP. From Phone or Computer.

Looking at the HTML code delivered, there are three files loaded from the internet, which can’t be done as there is no internet in this scenario (connected to meshtastic as AP):

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>
<script src=""></script>

Now obviously, the mapbox-stuff does not make much sense without internet, but it would be nice if the web-UI would work in this scenario. As the SoftAP can be triggered by rebooting with the user-button hold, this would be the simplest access to a device in a hurry (no computer/usb-cable/internet/wifi-infrastructure/android-app).

Maybe the stylesheets could also be served from the device itself and the map-tab be disabled under these circumstances?