Weather proof case with solar pack

I have completed the printing phase of my weather proof solar powered router.

Here are some pictures.


Additional pictures of internals


And the final pictures

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Love it! What board does this use?

It is laid out with the t-beam and t-bat boards. With the battery carrier removed.

It is laid out with the t-beam and t-bat boards. With the battery carrier removed.

What type of solar panel are you using that fits in the tube? Do you have any specs for that?

It’s 1 watt @ 6v

I have not been able to do any testing as of yet because I’m still waiting on the t-beams.

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Updated the board carrier to a simpler friction fit design

I love the looks of this - great design! I’m curious to see how the 1w solar panel can do with keeping the batteries charged. I had a TBeam setup with a 5w solar panel and even though it had plenty of sun, little by little the battery level dropped each day until it was finally dead. I was thinking that I’d probably need a 10w panel for any type of permanent installation so that the TBeam will be able to fully recharge each day.

I agree with you 100%. Being limited by the criteria of the build and being 100% self contained, I opted to remove the battery from the back of the t-beam and replace it with 3 parallel 18650s to get me the bulk of the operational time. The panel was the largest I could find that would still fit in the tube. It will slow the depletion but it will definitely not keep up and will need to be charged periodically. I’m going to add a micro usb weatherproof bulkhead to the bottom cap for direct 5v charging to the battery controller.

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Great job!
How much heat can the T-Beams handle. We are 100% off grid and the panels get very hot.


Full disclosure, I have yet to install and test that. My t-beams have not arrived and I just saw that my account was refunded by Aliexpress. Due to what I have read, putting anything other than the specified voltages in is not recommended, that’s why I added the T-BAT solar controller.

Good choice on the controller. I would like to look into the controller as I am going to put a repeater on top of a hill behind the house. Do you have a link to the controller?

Here is the link I used.{"sku_id"%3A"10000015042811719"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!USD!!3.19!!!!!%40210318bb16590386024234311e8897!10000015042811719!sea

Thank You! I appreciate your quick response. I looked it up and found it in a few places. Looked at the specs. Hope it helps for your remote repeater.

Love the design Idea, so a little bit curious on a possible update to this. Did you make it work with everything connected? And how did real life testing work out?