Using Meshtastic on RAK to relay a LoRa IOT signal?

Hello, New to the Meshtastic experience and have a RAK based node that I purchased. My goal is to repeat a signal from device that sends telemetry information to a non-Meshtastic base station. It is one way traffic from the IOT sensor suite to the receiving station. So, how can I achieve a repeat of a LoRa packet from the sensor suite via the Meshtastic node so that the intended base station can receive it?


You mean the sensor uses LoRaWAN? That is not compatible with Meshtastic.

Not using LoRaWAN, this is a P2P sensor to receiver. No networking involved.

Surely Meshtastic wont recognise a P2P packet so will ignore it.

A P2P LoRa packet relay is a trivial bit of software, but great care is needed if you have more than one such ‘relay’ to avoid a never ending loop.

Ahhh… so there isn’t any config of Meshtastic that will work. Thank you! I only have one relay node and it just needs to do a store and forward task. Is it possible to reflash this RAK to do this? It’s on a WisBLOCK pcb.