Meshtastic and LoRa gateway


I have 2 Meshtastic (RAK) devices that can communicate directly.

I want to setup a new network where i can use a LoRa gateway as a repeater such that the Meshtastic devices can communicate if there is no line of sight and direct connection would fail. The purpose is to expand the coverage.
Any clue how to do that ?


Meshtastic uses LoRa P2P and is incompatible with LoRaWAN gateways.

Hi Garth
Thank you for the reply.
What would you recommend if I need to create a repeater for the Meshtastic to extend the network ?
Is it as simple as using another Meshtastic device on a high pole and that would be it ?

Basically yes.

May want to play with settings to get optimal use, Device Configuration | Meshtastic
but normal clients ‘out of the box’ will participate in the mesh, and do forwarding.

… If you want to be solar powered, there are additrional considerations to make sure it power effient, but if can run a 5V (or USB) up the pole then nearly any device will do.

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