Use iOS meshtastic app to radio via WiFi

I was messing around with some settings and it seemed to me, if I switch the Heltec v3 over to WiFi from Bluetooth, I can’t use the native app any longer. That’s a bummer! I’d like for the radio to show up right on the Bluetooth screen. Rename that tab from Bluetooth to Connection. Then there can be both Bluetooth or WiFi connection type.

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Bluetooth and Wifi are using the same Radio hardware. (same chip and antenna on the device, at least on the Heltec v3)

…so can’t have both enabled at once!

At least on android, you can enter a IP address, which would in theory allow connection over wifi (if the phone is connected to the same wifi station!)

… or can connect via serial. (a OTG USB cable)

Yup, I get we can only use one at a time.
I’m suggesting changing that Bluetooth screen in the app to just be “radio connections”, and the app scanning the local WiFi network for radios connected. Then connecting to them right there, via WiFi, using the phone app.

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