TTGO T-Beam v1.1 enclosure without display?

Hi, I am using the T-Beam v1.1 without the display and did not see any enclosure designs that omitted the display. I searched Thingverse and could not find one. Does anyone know if there is an existing 3D print design?

I would also be interested in a CAD model of the T-Beam v1.1 PCB assembly (including battery but without the display, SolidWorks or STL file) if anyone has one that they could share. Thank you in advance.

There is a lid without a display cutout in my design:

Thank you, I will check it out.

Found recently one on grabcad and converted it to STEP. Many models of the battery exists … just google for them
Closing the OLED-Window in any existing (free) design in STL should be not that difficult. Or you can ask the designer to do that for you…

Edit: Added OLED-less design to my cases on Thingiverse:

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Awesome design, but what are “K22x10” screws (and where could I get them)?

Any similar dimension will do (i think)
BN 13265 3060245 pan head screw 2.2x10 (mm)