What 3D-printed case to use with TTGO T-beam (T22-V1.1)?

Hi folks.
Just got a pair of LIlyGo TTGO T-Beam boards (T22_V1.1) a week ago and stuff seem to work - at least I get some clear text that makes sense on the OLED display. My plan is to do some testing and pitch in where I can in the developement.
Anyway: to get the testing going I would like to put these boards into their own case. You have 2 different cases suggested for 3D print.
Which one do I pick for my boards?

Thanks in advance. I’m quite excited to get started on this project.
Best regards

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I just received a TBeam 1.1, it seems to be physically identical to the 1.0 boards. So any of the cases for the TBEAM 1.0 would be fine. I like this one:

I will order that as soon as possible.

Be aware that there’s a difference between some v1.0 board and later ones - they moved the antenna slightly to the right, and older cases don’t fit. I’ve made one of these and can confirm it fits the v1.1 board, so if you compare it visually to any other design you want to use you should be able to tell if the antenna’s in the right spot.
Someone else posted their own version here (3D Printed Cases etc) that has buttons on the bottom and a larger USB access opening, and the antenna looks right to me

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The case @geeksville linked to has two versions. One with the antenna in the center, and one with the antenna to the right. I was able to get one that fits.

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