LilyGO TTGO T3 LoRa32 868MHz V2.1.6 ESP32

Thanks a lot! I will go ahead and order it. :slight_smile:
Which battery would you recommend for this device?
With the Power Management IC, will it be able to charge the battery full and then stop or will I need to monitor the charging? I’m considering connecting it to one of these that I have here somewhere in my house:

You can use any lithium battery. I’m going to use an old 18650 sitting in a bin.

For the power management IC, you’ll probably not notice it’s missing. Everything works well enough.

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@Tolkien A general problem with powerbanks is that when they see no (or a very small) load they will turn off. Most of them do not work with our IOT gadgets. They are created to charge phones and then turn off.
The only thing I have found that works is this:

I am sorry but I don’t remember where I got the board and you need to do some soldering.
You can charge the battery on on end and power the device from the other.
Or connect the 18650’s directly to the device as @mc-hamster suggested.

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Oh that’s a bummer!
I will try to Google for that one and see if I can find it.

Sorry, I didn’t read that part of your question about the power bank.

You can just wire batteries straight to the boards — it’ll handle the changing and cutoff. No usb power bank is needed.

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I see!! Thank you!
Do you think it would be possible to add a solar device directly to the LoRa device or is there some sort of regulator I can buy and put in between? If I connect it to that power bank with the built in solar panel, but connect the LoRa directly to the batteries and let solar remain connected to the power bank?

It depends on the output of the solar device.

If it puts out 5v, it can go straight into the USB port. Otherwise, you’d need to do more engineering.

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Bought these 2 weeks ago from EU (UK) warehouse, delivered in 5 days

I should get mine next week then…

Also: If you are powering any node using solar power, you’ll probably want to set router mode:

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They arrived today! Hurray!!

Which firmware should I use for them?
Is firmware-tlora-v1-EU865-1.1.7.bin correct?

Yes, you are right, yours is v1, v2 has a SD slot and a battery switch (no button).

But you can also use the latest alpha release 1.1.8 instead of alpha 1.1.7

Have fun tinkering :wink:

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Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile: Today is CHRISTMAS!!


I feel with you, Merry Christmas! :smile:

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Very useful mod! I’ve replicated it on two identical boards, but it only works on one of them…

Does it work if you just momentarily jump a wire between the pin and ground? If so, check your connections and the switch. Also make sure you’re on the correct pins. I can’t think of much else that could be wrong.

No, it just never works. It must be a quality control issue then…

Hello all!
Would you guys be able to direct me to what firmware I could use with this board:

The listing says: LoRa32 V2.1 1.6
And the silkscreen says: T3_V1.6

(I got several for use with, but this project seems much more active and from what I can tell they are viable for use with it?)

Thank you!

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With this board you can use V2 1.6 firmware.

I have the same board and it works good with 1.1.32 version of firmware.

You will have to connect a user button between GPIO 12 and ground to cycle through screens, just like someone stated in this post.


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