TTGO Lora32 T3_v1.6 always goes to sleep

My Lora32 device that I try to use a s router alway goes to sleep after some time. Even on USB power. I have to hit the button on GPIO 12 before i can even read out the node via the python utility (“meshtastic --nodes”). On the last page of the oled screen it displays the battery voltage - shouldn’t it say “USB” here when it detects external power?
Also, when I get the node list from another device in the group, this router node goes away after a minute or so. If i set it up as a router ( set is_router true) shouldn’t it stay in the table with a recent “last_seen” value? Or is that only updated if someone connected to that node (like via BT using the mobile app) sends messages from it?.
I am really anxious to see the mesh functionality working, but so far i’ve only ever seen point to point working.
Could it be that the device firmware for the TBEAM is much more mature?