Heltec LoRa device is falling sleep

I have Heltec Lora 32 (V2) and I am using your python API to communicate between two workstations, but while sending or receiveing messages the device is falling asleep. How can I set the following feature?

has power (POWER) - Screen is on, device doesn’t sleep, bluetooth on, will stay in this state as long as we have power onEntry: setBluetooth off, screen on onExit:

the above is given here:

hmm - could you post a serial console log of the time when it falls asleep?

The same problem applies to the TTGO Lora32 and T-beam boards. In the latest firmware it is very difficult to configure something, because the boards are constantly going to sleep and “fall off” from the com-port even in the USB connection mode.

Just as it has been said many times in several other threads - it is impossible to use boards, since they sleep constantly. This applies to the USB connection too. We have to roll back to old firmware in order to somehow ensure stable operation.

Can other people confirm what @Der_Bear is saying here? I’m having a problem reproducing it.

Actually, @Der_Bear wants to mean that the devices are suddenly going to suspended mode, or it is getting reboot, even when it is connected with the power supply using USB.

Now from another colleague in our local community, I received a message that the device does not wake up on Heltek in firmware 1.2.20. Powered by USB. There is no radio activity for many minutes. After setting the minimum time in the advas menu, the situation has not changed. The Heltek device continues to sleep.

Information on pressing the PRG button, but the radio is asleep.