The 1.1/1.5 features thread/wiki

Hi ya’ll,

I’ve tried to collect your various ideas and issues into this wiki, but I’ve certainly missed things. Please edit the wiki to add what features you want. For ideas that already have bug numbers, please include that number.

Summary from the wiki:

This is a collection of ideas for post 1.0 features. Based on community input we can tweak this list. Please add (but do not delete) ideas you are interested in. Feel free to add details/comments/links to any existing proposals.

So please add your ideas there and if you’d like to discuss a particular idea either use this thread or make a new thread (and link to it from the wiki so we can find the comments when we go to implement)


Considering the stage of Meshtastic, some of the aforementioned points are too detailed for the current TLR. The help button, for instance, refers to a very small subset of possible functions running over Meshtastic for limited use-cases. Same can be said for Pinetab.
Other features may become security threats, like geofencing. Having a built-in GPS is a double-edged sword.
Considering developer time is a scarce resource, I’d recommend to focus on general tasks before diving into anything too specific to a single usage scenario.

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I don’t think this idea has been mentioned yet💬

I thought some people would use this project to ensure their privacy in the future from this topic etc.

I fully trust @geeksville, I thought it would be smart if the SNS discussed in this topic could be used in the future to contact the person who report bug.


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