T-Watch Opinions?

Concept-wise I love it. Here is this thing you can wear on your wrist that pairs with your phone and gives you access to the local mesh.

My problem is I know nothing of range, and I’ve heard reports of battery lfie being as high as a single day, and as low as under an hour. Plus i’ve also heard with the meshtastic firmware you can’t even use the thing asa watch, which is something I kinda want even with all the other functionality.

All that is theoretically solveable or at least able to be mitigatd with firmware to one extent or another. My biggest material complaint as an outsider looking in is ‘Micro USB? Really my guy?’

Beyondthat though is this even worth considering? I’ve heard of people using a smart watch to read messages, but not a node that’s on one’s wrist.

I got mine, played with it for half a day with all the watch faces and stuff then went straight for the Meshtastic firmware because I primarily got this for the LoRa radio.

Yup node-on-a-wrist. Really cool stuff and 100% unique.

Battery life is abysmal, I only get a few hours out of it, but you know, ESP32 and all. Although, I also have the Watchy, which is also an ESP32 but with an e-ink display and that one lasts days, but of course there is no LCD and LoRa radio to chirp constantly.

I set the screen sleep time to only a few seconds, that seemed to prolong the battery a bit.

There’s something annoying this watch does, it wakes up from time to time and the screen is on. Definitely wakes up on accelerometer. I drive a Wrangler so my ride is always bumpy. The watch wakes up constantly. And it’s not like it’s connecting to nodes because where I live I did not pick up anybody yet, been wardriving for a while. Don’t know what wakes it up but the screen is on a lot which consumes the most battery.

Haven’t done range test yet (I mean, how big is that antenna?), my T-Beam and Wisblock are somewhere between China and USPS and I have nobody to connect with.

GPS would be nice.

It has a sound processor and a speaker so it’s kinda cool to have your own ringtone when a message arrives. Swiping between screens is neat as well. Have no idea how to do anything else, still learning all Meshtastic settings but there is no guarantee that a particular setting does anything on the T-Watch.

Definitely want to start messing with some programming, I feel really bad complaining about things, contributors are moving the project along constantly and the people here seem super friendly and welcoming, which is rare nowadays. Seems like an awesome community.

All that being said, time display is badly needed. Just an extra screen with huge numbers to display time for those Meshtastic gadgets with an RTC (not just T-Watch, the T-Beam Supreme and the Nano G2 have RTC chips and probably others) would make this an even cooler device (then people will stop pestering me when I can’t tell them the time “but isn’t that a smart watch you’re wearing?” “yup, it is super smart, does things you don’t even understand; just doesn’t tell time…”).

Worse case, if you get bored of having the Meshtastic firmware on it, it’s a pretty awesome development board with WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, IMU, RTC, sound, touch screen (wish there was a GPS as well). I think for the price, it’s worth it. And you can even use it as a smartwatch LOL.

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I have the T Watch S3… yeah the battery life is abysmal indeed, I managed to tweek mine a bit and get a maximum of 3 hours of out of it, that ESP32 chip certainly does eat all the power… yes the annoying accelerometer that keeps waking the watch up is very annoying.

I have managed a maximum so far of 3km with mine, which is impressive for how small the watch and antenna is. yeah i don’t like complaining about things either, I know they have plans to keep updating meshtastic for the T watch but i don’t know how well that’s going… I know there was one guy who edited the programming to make the time bigger (on gps screen). would be nice if they made it a Meshtastic smart watch rather than just a node wrist strap, only time will tell.

I can’t recommend this device to anyone for Meshtastic at the moment, it was a nice novelty but quickly feels useless… if you want a mesh node, go for the other options, Heltec or Lilygo T Beam…