T-Beam OTA Update from the android ap?

I’ve just discovered this project and I’m reading all I can find about it but I MAY have to ask a dumb question : I’ve seen some posts about updating the t-beam FW from the android app, I’m running the v1.1.32 fw on my devices and v1.1.35 ap but I can’t figure out where you can update the device.
As english is not my natural language, I may have missed something.
Could anyone tell me if I got it wrong ?

Thank you guys !

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1.1.32 is currently the latest device release, so the app just does not notify you, as you are already up to date.

You will see a notification in the app on the first screen to the right where you can choose which device to connect to.


Oh, ok that makes sense !
Thank you very much for this info.

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Thank you for helping with questions!