T-beam nodes not talking with iOS phones

Hello. I am fairly new to Meshtastic, and need some guidance to get my mesh system to work properly, please.



Hardware: 2x Lilygo T-Beam NEO-6M (915MHz) (Name 1: Primary (PRI) / Name 2: Secondary (SEC))


Serial connection: CH9102 (COM 6 & 7)

Firmware delivery: Meshtastic Flasher v1.0.106

System: Windows 10 (21H2 - .1706)

2x iPhones: 6s (iOS 15.4.1) & SE 3rd Gen (iOS 15.5)

Meshtastic iOS: v1.2.53 (24)

I have followed the instructions provided on the site but cannot get the nodes to talk with each other between the t-beams nor the phones.

I used the Meshtastic Flasher to configure the units

Longname: Primary / Secondary

Shortname: PRI / SEC

Team: Brown

Is Always Powered: On

Region: US

Info (Primary):


Connected to radio

Owner: PRIME (PRM)

My info: { “myNodeNum”: 2127816656, “hasGps”: true, “numBands”: 13, “firmwareVersion”: “”, “rebootCount”: 13, “bitrate”: 17.08847, “messageTimeoutMsec”: 300000, “minAppVersion”: 20200, “maxChannels”: 8, “hasWifi”: true, “airUtilTx”: 0.56469446 }

Nodes in mesh: {‘num’: 2127816656, ‘user’: {‘id’: ‘!7ed3e7d0’, ‘longName’: ‘PRIME’, ‘shortName’: ‘PRM’, ‘macaddr’: ‘94:b9:7e:d3:e7:d0’, ‘hwModel’: ‘TBEAM’, ‘team’: ‘RED’}, ‘position’: {‘batteryLevel’: 97}, ‘snr’: 10.75} {‘num’: 2127706200, ‘user’: {‘id’: ‘!7ed23858’, ‘longName’: ‘SECONDARY’, ‘shortName’: ‘SEC’, ‘macaddr’: ‘94:b9:7e:d2:38:58’, ‘hwModel’: ‘TBEAM’, ‘team’: ‘RED’}, ‘position’: {}, ‘snr’: 9.75}

Preferences: { “phoneTimeoutSecs”: 900, “lsSecs”: 300, “region”: “US”, “isAlwaysPowered”: true }


PRIMARY psk=secret { “modemConfig”: “Bw125Cr48Sf4096”, “psk”: “WCd3fWTiUFddhPd/ScwDMUw2edCHpPzA9A/tHuqJSC4=”, “name”: “Test” }

Primary channel URL: Meshtastic URL | Meshtastic

Primary channel URL: https://www.meshtastic.org/d/#CgUYAyIBAQ


Info Secondary:


Connected to radio


My info: { “myNodeNum”: 2127706200, “hasGps”: true, “numBands”: 13, “firmwareVersion”: “”, “rebootCount”: 14, “bitrate”: 17.08847, “messageTimeoutMsec”: 300000, “minAppVersion”: 20200, “maxChannels”: 8, “hasWifi”: true, “airUtilTx”: 0.6129722 }

Nodes in mesh: {‘num’: 2127706200, ‘user’: {‘id’: ‘!7ed23858’, ‘longName’: ‘SECONDARY’, ‘shortName’: ‘SEC’, ‘macaddr’: ‘94:b9:7e:d2:38:58’, ‘hwModel’: ‘TBEAM’, ‘team’: ‘BROWN’}, ‘position’: {‘batteryLevel’: 88, ‘time’: 1654477507}, ‘lastHeard’: 1654477507}

Preferences: { “phoneTimeoutSecs”: 900, “lsSecs”: 300, “region”: “US”, “isAlwaysPowered”: true }


PRIMARY psk=default { “modemConfig”: “Bw125Cr48Sf4096”, “psk”: “AQ==” }


  • Is there anything else I need to configure? Channels, etc.?

I was able to change the channel using an old Android with Meshtastic v1.2.64, and did see that the channel name changed on the T-beam. For some reason I cannot use CLI to configure the T-beams, so I am using the Meshtastic Flasher (Device Settings) via the GUI.

  • Why is the Android configuration not the same with the iOS version. I cannot find a way to set the channels using the iOS app.

  • Is there a guide to help configure the the T-beams through the Meshtastic Flasher GUI, e.g. configuration of channels, because the CLI is not working for me?

  • Is there a step by step guide(s) and/or video(s) to set these up with iOS devices?

I’m lost… Please help.

Thank you in advance! Have a wonderful day.

channel settings must be the same for devices to be able to communicate.


How do I do that?

Thank you.

UPDATE: I was able to get CLI and the web interface to work. However, I still need help configuring the devices, in it’s entirety. It seems that the web interface configuration doesn’t seem to work all that well. I am trying to change some minor settings, e.g. display time out, and it doesn’t seem to save the settings.

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

channels are represented by a url like: https://www.meshtastic.org/d/#CgUYAyIBAQ

on the Android app you share the channels scanning the QR code.
on the CLI you run: meshtastic --seturl https://www.meshtastic.org/d/#CgUYAyIBAQ

Ok. I believe I understand how it’s done via the Android app. How is this achieved via the iOS app? If that capability is not there yet, then how might I achieve this via CLI or web interface?

Please note that the web interface configuration changes I make do not save to the device. Is this a bug or a development milestone not met yet?

Thank you in advance.

There is no device configuration in the iOS app, you can use android, the flasher or the CLI to set device settings

Thank you, Garth. Is there future plans for the iOS app to have this setup feature?

Also, is there great step-by-step guide/video on configuring the T-beam from bumper to bumper via CLI and/or the Flasher?

Thank you.