Support for Heltec Wireless Stick with SX1262

Will the Heltec Wireless Stick with SX1262 be supported soon? This is not the Wireless Stick Lite v3 which is already supported. Thanks in advance.

Can you link the exact one on Ali?

Added to the original post.

HW seem the same except display size (resolution is same). Did you try flash FW for Heltec Lora 32?

I have one of these devices, and it seemed to work using the firmware for the wireless stick lite. The display doesn’t work, but everything else seemed to function normally. I last tested it using firmware 2.2.4.

I just purchased one of these from Amazon. I flashed Heltec V3 firmware. However display output wont fit in the screen. It is 0.69 oled display. Did you run into same issue? I hope someone will figure out to fix screen scaling issue.