Heltec WiFi LoRa 32 (V3) is out - Will it be supported?

Will the Heltec V3 be supported?

Also why is using a battery for version 2 not recommended?

WiFi LoRa 32 (V2) * Not Recommended - Support may be dropped

It continues to be a struggle to support this very old ESP32 chip, not officially supported in 1.3 / 2.0 and support may be dropped completely.

Using this device with a battery is not recommended.

Heltec boards only have a charging circuit. So there is a danger that you discharge your lion battery too deep, which can damage your battery.
You should best use a protected lion battery with this board.

Thanks - well the good news is that I am already using “protected” batteries with
Overcurrent, Overcharge and Over Discharge Protection.

I can order a couple of these and work toward getting them supported.

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That would be great thanks.
I just ordered 4 from Ali-Express hopefully to be the 1st Beta Tester
US $36.00 / lot (2 Pieces)
Color: V3 863-928Glue stick
Quantity: 2 Lots
9995 lots available
Ships to United States
Shipping: $6.17
From China to United States via AliExpress Premium Shipping
Estimated delivery on Oct 29



I just saw that V3 was added last night too.

I have boards that I ordered and I am planning on trying them out as soon as I can find them in a pile of parts :wink:

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The V3 and similar Wireless Stick Lite V3 are indeed supported as of 2.0.3 alpha. They are a significant upgrade in performance and reliability from the V2.1 and below which have been traditionality problematic hardware in my experience. For the price point, they’re difficult to beat, and I suspect they’ll be very popular devices.


This is the correct link

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Thanks very much for adding the V3 so quickly.

For normal operation I am measuring a current draw of about 110 mA on the 3.7V line for V3.
For V2 I am measuring about 60 mA.

Is there a setting I am missing to turn off WiFi to save power or something else?

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Wifi should not be enabled by default. I suspect there are a bunch of opportunities for power savings on these devices, but ESP32-S3 support in Meshtastic is very fresh. I’m sure we’ll uncover those opportunites as support matures.


i have a very simple question concerning the esp32s3 no display) :slight_smile:
i got the same model. (HF), same as shown in the picture above:
How do you know, which one of the IPEX Cnnectors it for the LORA-Antenna?
i cannot find any documents by heltec, showing where to connect the antenna, except one product-picture… my V3 sx1262 is having very weak lora performance, compared to my t-beams…

Isn’t there just the one at the end? Also, are you using the antenna that came with it? That could be the issue if so, I can’t imagine it’s that great of an antenna.

no, the other one, picture above . without display.
it has two ipex connectors .

One for lora (the one that is connected in the picture) and one for BLE

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Ahh. I see, the WSL. My bad!

thanx :slight_smile:
now its good.
I connected another , very small antenna (small in case antenna from Rak-wireless set) to the V3 WSL, now its performing as expected.
i think the stock-antenna did not work well…

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You can not have both a bluetooth and wifi connection at the same time.

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30 is the default for the US region, radiolib will adjust it down based on the hardware max.

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I am trying to get 2 heltec V3 WSL to run as a router.
powered by 3,6V Battery, solar charged by usb-C in daytime (20Watt Panels).
now i am testing on Battery only:
they both go into some deep sleep after a while, sometimes when battery is still at around 4,0V
different results with different batterys.
the heltec device is reading a lower voltage, than what i measure at the battery…

is that a problem of ‘ADC Multiplier Override ratio that is meant to fix a heltec V2 Problem ??

btw i am now building some Rak-solar nodes, more easy…

changing the adc override from 0,0 to 2,0 helped. the device is no longer going to sleep on a 4V Battery.
now i just neeed to find out a correct value for override.