Heltec Wireless Paper No Display

Recently purchased a couple Heltec Wireless Paper devices using the AliExpress link on the supported devices page. The devices run the included demo software without issue but once the Meshtastic firmware is loaded the display does not work. Nothing is displayed during startup or operation other than the Heltec Automation logo. The devices are otherwise functioning and can be successfully setup using the web-USB-serial interface but still nothing on the screen. Have tried every version of firmware-heltec-wireless-paper-X.X.X.xxxxxxx.bin available using the wipe and reinstall option. Have tried both the ESP32 web installer and the python firmware installer. Is there something Iā€™m missing to get the display working?

Thanks, Jeff ā€“ KD8THX

The e-ink display on this device is not supported yet.

Any idea about when the Heltec e-ink display might be supported?

No ETA. Last I heard a device is being sent to one of the developers that has more experience with e-ink displays to see if they could get it going as the developer that implemented the initial support was unable to do so.

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