Self-Hosted Web UI Map Question

So I’ve downloaded the web UI source, built it and got it running successfully (I haven’t registered a device yet I still need to put a https proxy in front otherwise chrome privacy won’t let me update the permissions). Is the map loaded from the machine using the web ui? A hypothetical situation, let’s say I’m in the middle of nowhere, meet some folks who don’t have a way to download the meshtastic app on their phone, but I have the web UI running on a raspi with an AP. I would like it so someone who basically came with nothing, connect to the web UI via my raspberry pi and send / receive messages, and also use the map. Is this a possibility?

Both phone apps have offline maps, the webui requires an internet connection for maps.

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Thanks for the reply, I assume if I want a completely offline map for a PC, I’d need to set up mqtt & mosquito and write something to plot the data on an osm export? Or am I off base there?

That could work. Mac is the only computer OS with offline maps currently.