Web app hosting

I’m confused how to self host the web app. I’ve cloned it, but I think I’m missing the background of how to build it. Throwing on the web server just gives me a blank page.

Generally, it gets built and loaded by the install script when you flash the esp32. There’s a web server built into our firmware.

If you trying to run external to the microcontroller like on https://client.meshtastic.org ? If so, @sachaw will need to chime in.

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Yes to the latter, thank you.

Background on it, I have a server at home that has two tbeams connected via usb and wifi.

I couldn’t get the web server working on any of my devices. Not by having them in AP mode anyway. I could connect to the WiFi but that was as far as it would go. However if I configure the devices to connect to my local WiFi router then I could go to their IP address and access the web server.

Not sure if that helps with what you’re trying to do but figured it’s worth mentioning.

Are you using 1.3? All the fixes over the last half year have been in there.

I have mine on 1.3.30. I have not tried using the softAP. They do connect to the wifi and I can see the web server. They also spam my MQTT server and are chattering back and forth alot.

I have had similar issues with blank pages but active web servers. Using softAP worked for me but I would much rather the client setup. Reflashing has often solved my problems. I don’t think I completely understand the whole meshtastic web setup yet but explicitly visiting some of the /static pages has sometimes allowed me through.

I want to self-host client.meshtastic.org as well; there is some good information on discord in getting that working.

using client.meshtastic.org directly seems to be the best option for me right now; connections over network, serial, and bluetooth seem to always work great for me that way.

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There are a whole host of ways to self-host the UI, any http server would do fine, checkout caddy for an easy to use one. Then grab a copy of the latest webui on the releases page on GitHub. Serve those files in the zip and you should be good.

Feel free to reach out on discord if you have trouble


I will check out Discord later. Usually I am at work and do not have Discord here. Thanks for your input.

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I think the blank page issue is fixed in the newest version.

I had a question to add to this. I’m running 2.0.8 on a few boards to shake it out and see if I want to roll all of my devices up or not.

I’ve tried the https://client.meshtastic.org/ via usb and love it! I however wanted to mount a node away from my PC and link it via wifi. I have succeeded doing this via the IP address but that doesn’t has as much functionality as the https://client.meshtastic.org/ and I really like the dark feature of that vs the white of what I get through the IP.

If I try and hit the ip address from the client side it won’t work. Is there something I’m missing here or a way to update the other to darkmode at least?

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I think if you host the site on another computer you can access the other nodes via http/ip. That is how I had it.