Remote Admin API - I cannot get some things

I’m trying remote admin between two nodes. However there’s something I cannot understand.
In order to execute remotely some command, I set up the “admin” channel on controlling and controlled nodes; then I type:
meshtastic --dest \!<nodeid> --other --switches
but --dest can also be used to send a text message to a specific node instead of any, so what if I want to send a text message to a node that I also remotely administered? I have thought of meshtastic --sendtext "ciao" --dest \!nid; but it is treated as a remote admin command (maybe it actually means "remote node, send a text “ciao” to everyone?). I’ve tried meshtastic --sendtext "ciao" --ch-index 0 --dest \!nid, and I got these funny messages:
Requesting channel 0 info from remote node (this could take a while)
Requesting channel 1 info from remote node (this could take a while)
So it is still treated as a remote admin command, but how can channel 0 (default) be used to carry it?
(note that --sendtext without --dest makes messages appear on remote node as intended).
For most commands it seems when I use --dest \!nid and I have an admin channel with that node, then command is interpreted as remote admin; I get the message “Requesting preferences from remote node […] then writes config”.

So I wonder: what kind of commands can I execute remotely? I have the strong impression that meshtastic --dest \!nid --nodes is executed locally, not remotely - but it does make sense to ask remotely known nodes; meshtastic --sendtext "ciao" --ch-index 0 --dest \!nid is treated as remote, but it actually is ambiguous… and still I can’t figure out how to send a simple text to remote node.
Does --dest position in command line have some meaning (it seems not)?

On top of it, none of remote commands works - I always get “Timed out waiting for node config”, and sometimes also “KeyError: ‘admin’”. Maybe it’s because I’m using --ch-longslow, but it seems strange that I cannot execute even a simple --get ls_secs. Maybe the timeout should be adjusted with configured channel speed?

Or It’s me I’m not understanding at all how it works?