Raspbian + LilyGo TTGO board wiring

I would like to wire the LilyGo TTGo lora board that has Meshtastic preflashed to a RPI4.

I see the pinouts for both boards but cant figure out which goes to which.
Is there any documentation on that particular setup or direction out there?

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basically you would wire

  • 5V to 5V
  • both grounds
  • U0RXD to tx
  • U0TXD to rx

UART 0 is connected to both the USB and the pin header on ttgo. So the serial output is fine.

But I am afraid that the python api needs to be modified to use the uart lines of the RasPi and not the USB Port. This can be wrong, though…

I think you can easily specify the connection to use the Rpi uart, something like that, meshtastic --host “myipaddress”.

See also this:

In this talk a little bit of the use of the interface via python 3 code:

import meshtastic
interface = meshtastic.SerialInterface() # By default will try to find a meshtastic device, otherwise provide a device path like /dev/ttyUSB0

But why you don’t use a simple usb cable?

Im currently running a pi4 with a ttgo for the python api. I just connected via usb. You might need to run
sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyUSB0 if you get a permission error.
I just got the basics down idk it was so confusing for me… to simplify it
Open your terminal and type,

pip3 install meshtastic

After install is complete type

meshtastic --help

That will give you a list of commands you can use

So to reiterate you type

meshtastic --commandhere
One last edit lol, to say i got the basics down thats probably far from true. I don’t understand the stuff yet but the steps above will end in results which will than want you to dig more into it on my pi4 i have “meshtastic --reply” running all the time when im out driving around, if u dont already know what it does ill let u find out when ur up and running. Lol

I’m currently using my ttgo with a rpi0w and would be interested in being able to wire it together. I’m interested in setting up information nodes. I wanted to explore the possibility of using the piow to run a basic ML operator to offer responses to informational queries using a slash command type syntax to get the current weather, time and other things of that nature.


I do now use a USB cable.
I am wanting to print a case with some other refinements in it and space is an issue. Wiring it together means i can use standoffs from the Rpi and make it a much smaller form factor

Thanks i will try that

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Has there been any progress with wiring straight to the pi?