[hardware] waveshare LoRa USB Module


Description says it’s based on the SX1262 so it ‘should’ work, but is there a Windows/Mac/Linux buildo fMeshtastic?

Plugging it into a pi/zero/SBC?

…what if i used a male/male adaptor to plug it in to an android phone?

Basically, ‘this looks like it opens up interesting use cases, but how do I make it work?’

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It depends its a UART to USB, I think meshtastic requires SPI interface to work properly.

I can’t manage to make it work

Does Meshtastic support UART front ended LoRa modules ?

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No. Meshtastic requires SPI access to the LoRa chipset because that’s what RadioLib requires in order to give Meshtastic sufficient control on the LoRa protocol. UART LoRa modules don’t provide this.

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