RAK4631 + ethernet not working?

Recently discovered Meshtastic and bought a RAK4631 + ethernet board to experiment with. But for whatever reason the Ethernet DHCP doesn’t seem to work for me and I get the following output:

??:??:?? 1 Meshtastic hwvendor=9, swver=2.0.10.e09b12c-d
??:??:?? 3 starting Ethernet DHCP
??:??:?? 63 Unknown Ethernet error.

Is this a known issue? Everything else on my network seems happy enough being issued an address (I even checked using exactly the same cable and switch port … just in case … works fine with a laptop). Any pointers on how to debug this?

Tim - KN6PLV

Just adding some more information:

Plugged into a USB ethernet connector → Mac → dnsmasq … gets an IP address
Plugged into a Mikrotik CRS309-1G-8S+ → lights up but no traffic at the switch
Pluggeg into a Mikrtok HAP AC2 → doesnt even light up and claims cable is not connected (cable is, and same cable in all tests).

Hmm. The ethernet address of this device is ed:c1:da:84:d3:bd … and this is a multicast ethernet address which is not what you want here :frowning: Is there a fix for this?

If I kill the multicast bit in the ethernet address - so it becomes ec:c1:da:84:d3:bd - it all works as you’d hope. Will submit a PR.


Thanks for the Pull Request. These Ethernet boards don’t come with a harware MAC like you would expect so i was hijacking the BLE Mac which apparently doesn’t care about the multicast bit at all. The fix will be in the next firmware.

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