RAK14000, still the best choice?

Hi all,
i’m about to try a RAK-14000 e-ink, https://aliexpress.com/item/1005003431595237.html

Just to be sure, does that work together with RAK4631 on RAK19007?
Is it the best choice or are there larger and/or cheaper modules available?

And how is that connected to the RAK19007? Is there a cable included? I see no one from the description…

It is the only supported eink model, it does not work with a GPS and has small ribbon cables to connect the display and three button pad to the 40 pin module. There is not really any cases available.

Currently the 1.3" oled is the most popular screen.

Anyone of the other added e-Ink displays can be selected when building from source, simple just change the e-ink display by uncommenting select e -ink display model in the code, refer to screenshot

Connect up using a RAK13002 IO board , RAK1400 board, DESPI-C02 or Waveshare e -ink Hat or to the e-Ink itself if it has its own driver board

Refer this PR for links to.purchase the other e-Ink displays

I have justed tested 2 new diplays also

2.9 and 5.83 inch

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Excellent, just excellent! That’s what i wanted to try in the end, a real display of a decent size.
So it just needs a I2C link.

Maybe you can show us some links where to order the displays you took? Just for some orientation…

From the video i also got my question answered how the separate e-ink board is connected to the RAK19007.

These e-Ink displays use SPI and needs 5/6 gpio pins in total and 3.3/5v and GND

That why i was able to use a Ethernet connection

The purchase links are included in the pull request i posted above

Good display supplies Waveshare and other companies with displays

The others i used are from MHET-Live and WeActStudio

The 2.9 is quite a nice size in my opinion

1.54 inch e-paper display high resolution 200x200 partial refresh fast speed GDEW0154M09

2.9 inch e-paper display SPI Support for partial refresh 4 grayscale e-ink module screen GDEW029T5D

4.2 inch e-ink panel SPI interface 4 Grayscale buy e-paper display partial refresh GDEW042T2

Epaper HAT Connection Adapter Board for E Ink Display

Fine. I just found that DESPI-C02 on aliexpress:
Ah and there is the complete store:

I do now own a RAK14000. It is connected to the RAK19007 now. Cables should be connected correctly, just like shown at https://aliexpress.com/item/1005003431595237.html
The display does not show anything. Do i need to change some parameters? I already played around a bit, but…
Your advice could be helpful.

Uuuh, what a shame. I should have run the _eink firmware. Problem solved. Works nicely…

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Can you advise on the fw version you used to get RAk1400 working please.
I have tried latest stable -einkfw uf2 file and RAK runs fine but if I plug in screen will not boot