Standalone device

Hi friends, I’m trying to build a standalone communication device using rak modules and a cardkb. I’m sure others here have built something similar before so I thought I should reach out since I’m unsure of a couple things (and certainly missed some others). Goals:

  • solar power with usb-rechargeable battery
  • keyboard for freetext input (cardkb since that’s all that’s supported atm)
  • e-ink screen
  • GPS
  • waterproof/dustproof enclosure

Things I don’t care about optimizing for this first iteration:

  • size
  • cost (within reason)

Context: I’m not very experienced with hardware, I’ve done some soldering but not a ton. Done a bunch of software and have a bunch of friends who tinker with hardware so I’m not concerned about learning or getting in-person help. My current plan is to use rak modules. Current BoM:

  • cardkb
  • RAK19001 (dual io base board) – or can I use a RAK19007 and if so do I need the RAK13002 io module?
  • RAK4631 (nRF52840 core module)
  • RAK14000 (epaper display)
  • RAK12500 (GPS module) – or do I need RAK1910? Is this dependent upon the base board decision?
  • battery – I have no idea how to select this, pls help
  • waveshare solar panel – the rak ones are sold out so I think this one might work but the specs are defined differently from the rak one so I don’t actually know which voltage to look at (Solar Panel (6V 5W), 156 monocrystalline cell)
  • If I can use the RAK19007, the unify enclosure solar (SKU:910315) – not sure this will fit the other pieces; otherwise, just gonna have to 3d print something (I’ll have to anyway for the cardkb and screen so nbd)
  • a LoRa antenna
  • do I need a ble antenna if I want to be able to connect it to a phone?
  • probably some cables, but which ones? also halp

That’s pretty much it, any help would be very appreciated!

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I would start here Printables