e-Paper display RAK

Hello there !
I’m actually playing around with a RAK 4631/5005 Board with the Paperwhite and button extension.
No luck with the latest 1.3x version flashed. All i see on the display is ant race :slight_smile:

any ideas ?



If you have gps module also installed or possible bad connection, check your e-paper cable connection.

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Yes: gut GPS Module Installed.
thats why ?

Yes, the e-ink dc gpio pin is also used by the gps module pps, if i recall correctly

oh oh…
works without GPS.
Any way to make it work with gps ?


When i added support for that e-paper i did not have a GPS module, I still do not

Refer to the RAK13002 picture below for the IO pins and the variant file at the end

The only possible way i see is to move around some pins used and using

We just need to revolve the IO1 (GPIO 17) used by both GPS and e-Paper DC (we can move them to IO3 or IO6 - used by Left and Right Button)

  • DESPI-C02 e-Paper module (pictured below connected to a 1.54 inch e-paper)

  • RAK13002 IO board (pictured below)

  • User Button (Still connected to IO5)


RAK13002 IO board

Below are some more relevant links

I’m using the 14000 e-Paper display from RAK and the GPS.
The GPS uses the UART port.
Shouls work ? :wink:

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The RAK14000 or RAK1910 would require re-design to solve the issue

In slot A the GPS needs IO1 and IO1 is needed by the e-ink (that what the explanation and solution was all about above…)


And the GPS Module has to sit in Slot A.
Any chance to have the redesign done ?
If i understood right, this constellation should work from hardware side.

  • i think the RAK combo with GPS and E-Paper out of the shelf is very nice :slight_smile:

The 1910 days s eol, the newer gps is I2C, may be a better choice

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