Questions about mqtt in meshtastic

Hi, i need some help trying to understand the mqtt in meshtastic, first of all, I’m trying to create a lora mesh with the meshtastic firmware, so, right now, I have my own mesh with a couple of nodes, then I have a lora gateway that are connected via Wifi to send the test data to the meshtastic mqtt server, my question are:

  • How i can know if the topic msh/1/json/# is encrypted when i send data and the is decrypted?
  • Is there a way to edit or modify the jsons TEXT_MESSAGE_APP or POSITION_APP?
  • Can i change the mqtt meshtastic server with my own server and i get the same json message?
  • Right know the only way to test automatic data sending is via the test plugin, but, Is there a way to send data to another device? and how i can do that?
    Sorry, but i really wanna know if there a possibility to do that or no?
    I really hope for your responses :relaxed:

looking how MQTT data is stored at que server will probably give you a good idea of the data sent from the device, but you can always audit the code and run a wireshark capture to be certain.

not without changing code.

-- set mqtt_server IP

what test plugin?

sorry, i mean, range test plugin, and thanks for the mqtt settings info

not sure I understand. what are you trying to do?

I have 2 tbeam, 1 heltec v2, and 1 ttgo, right now I have a lora mesh with the 1 heltec, 1 ttgo and 1 tbeam, all of them are my nodes, then 1 tbeam is the gateway, ok, so, in one of the nodes i have enable the range test plugin, with that I can send automatic data, like seq 1, seq 2, etc…, and that data is sended to all the nodes + the gateway, the thing is, that i wanna know is there a way to send data from another mqtt server like mosquitto and receive the same json that i get in meshtastic mqtt server, if is yes, where i can find the code to modify that json? and is there a way to publish a message and see that message in my tbeam nodes?