Mqtt meshtastic server issue

Guys, I have a strange problem when I try to change the mqtt server from meshtatic to another like mosquitto, the thing is, when I try to change it, the json doesn’t show in mosquitto only shows in meshtastic mqtt, someone know why happen? Here is a video for more explanation

where is the benefit then

Tjere is no problem about meshtastic mqtt server but is weird why i can’t see the json message if I change the mqtt server :thinking:

Huh that’s interesting. I just had a look through the device code and it looks like the server must have a script watching that translates the raw protobufs that the device publishes into the json format. I can’t find any sign of code on the Meshtastic node that publishes to the /json MQTT topic.

I wrote my own python script to do that on my MQTT broker, in my case to translate mesh messages into location updates for Owntracks. But with the protobufs it’s possible to look at any of the messages.

My code is here if it’s any use to you. I had to modify the device firmware to bypass the encryption though

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