Freshman Esp32 and Mqtt

I am new to the Meshtastic system, before that I worked on an Arduino IDE. I want to know how to receive messages via esp32 from Mesh (ESP-NOW from esp8266) I can forward to another Meshtastic and from there to an offline Mqtt server (without encryption). Reading the documentation, I understand almost nothing.
Thank you, sorry to bother you.

Meshtastic uses lora for the mesh, so it does not work with the esp-now wifi mesh.

We do have a serial module where you could get some data Serial Module Configuration | Meshtastic

We also have an open enhancement to allow for the mesh api over serial Feature Request: MeshAPI over UART · Issue #1204 · meshtastic/Meshtastic-device · GitHub

  1. Can i link them by (tx rx) with esp8266 (nodemcu v3 ch340) or with arduino nano?
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