Question mark ? for name on screen message

Hey folks. I noticed an interesting issue sending messages across multiple t-beams with 1.1.0 installed that I thought I’d pass along.

I had 4 t-beams connected to my phone app and was testing sending messages between each. I started to notice that some would not carry the initials of a name on the T-beam screen with the message, but some would (instead of ‘PA’ prefixing the message it would be ‘???’). They were all sitting about 8" from each other. I tried various combinations, but eventually noticed that two seemed to be particularly problematic. After I unplugged each of the problematic ones (the transmitting t-beams that weren’t getting their initials on all screens), sent a message on the remaining three successfully, and then plugged it back in, it seemed to correct the problem.

I have the results of the test (and order I unplugged things) if that interests anyone. Not sure what the root cause was or why, but I was able to fix it by powering down the problematic transmitters and letting the remaining t-beams communicate with each other.

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This is my way to update the device names:

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