QR code scan error

Hi all,

I tried my best to search to see if this has been covered before so I apologize in advance if it has ad nauseum.

Im trying to get my 2nd T-beam on the same channel but when I scan the QR code it comes up as “error: something happened. Please goto Android Usage for more info”

I tried pasting the URL into different browsers (brave, firefox etc) but I still get same error.

I am using one android device though…dont know if that is relevant. I am paired with both of the t-beams and I have the ability to switch back and forth…


You need to use it from the app

Ive done that inside the app and it opens a meshtastic.org URL when I scan the QR code.

You may have to set up the link association in your android settings

Found it…thank you!

Troubleshooting shared links: Can’t “open with Meshtastic”.

If you don’t see “Meshtastic” as an option to open the file or link with:

  1. Go to Android Settings > Apps > Default apps > Meshtastic > Opening links
  2. Make sure you have in “links/web address”: www.meshtastic.org
  3. If you see the option “Open the supported links”, make sure it is enabled.
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