Powered on without antenna

Okay so I’m entirely new to the radio world and just found out that I should have never powered on my radios without the antenna. With that being said, I bought 2 of these TTGO LILYGO radios and am trying to diagnose why they won’t send messages to each other in the IOS app. The very first time I powered both of them on, I did not have the antennas connected. I later updated them to 1.2.45 and was successful with sending a message to the other radio using the python api. Now using the IOS app I can still connect to each radio and send a message but it will only show the message on the radio I am trying to send one from, the other radio does not receive any of these messages. The other radio behaves the exact same.

Should I assume that they are broken because I messed up with the antenna not being attached before powering on? Or is there a way to diagnose that is in fact the root problem?

Is there a way to fix it if that is in fact the issue or should I just purchase new radios?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

I would try 1.2.50, there are a lot of recent iOS BLE updates.

It’s possible that the radio chip is fried.
If you have a desktop/laptop or android phone lying around, you might want to try to connect it to them to update the firmware and then send the messages.

This will rule out software issues.

I would say it’s not a hardware issue. Many times I left the LoRa modules without any antennas attached and they were just fine.
Try more upgrading/downgrading stuff, it will work eventually.
Maybe it’s not the case, but I had a similar problem at some point with sending messages, and I upgraded from .48 to .50 using the phone app (not the firmware scripts) and it just started working…

Okay this was great! I updated both radios and they work just fine… gps locking, each sending and receiving messages with each other through the IOS app. V1.2.50 on the radios and V1.43 on the iPhones.

The only thing that is not working is the owner name of one of the radios. I’ve successfully changed the owner name for both radios and it will show up on the app that the name has changed but one of the radios will still refer to the other by the 4 character ID that it had before. So when a message comes in from it I should expect to see “DAD” as the owner name and instead I see “?78”. Maybe this is just another bug that I’ll need to wait to see fixed?

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Try using lowercase. I had issues with this.