Position overly in 3rd party maps / apps

I know others have hinted at looking at this in the past, but some light searching didn’t show anything up.
Has anyone managed to import device location data into a 3rd party navigation app. The idea being that i can follow a route and see where my friends are at the same time.
Analogous to Garmin group track, Garmin Connect App GroupTrack Feature | Garmin Support but without all the pre-reqs.

I think @paulmandal’s atak plugin might help with this?

Check out: ATAK for Hikers + Signed Meshtastic Plugin it might meet your needs

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sorry for the delayed response. thank you.
I was not familiar with TAK / ATAK, so have been in a rabbit hole. Finally got an old version (3.6) working on my old device(galaxy note 4). Will have a go at incorporating your plugin next.

Just a heads up ATAK checks the plugin version, the one I have available is signed for 4.2. You will probably have to build ATAK or use one of the dev builds in the link above.