Off-grid Signal Client

Hello folks,

I am forking the Signal app and modifying it to communicate through Meshtastic boards. If anyone would like to contribute, please let me know.

I have a lot of ideas, such as creating groups that are spread across the mesh. I still haven’t figured out how identity management will work in a decentralized manner, or if it’s even necessary.


Would it still work with the regular Signal service, or specifically for Meshtastic only?

I was thinking it should work only with “mesh” devices such as Meshtastic boards and goTennas etc.
A lot of people use the regular version of Signal so I think it’s better to keep a separate app.

I want to involve more people because I am not so familiar with all aspects of Meshtastic but I still have a fair idea of how to implement this on the Android side. I am also going to order some Meshtastic boards for testing this in the field, but before I do all of that I also want to gauge if people really want this app. If even 50 people want this, it would be a pleasure to make this. It will be open source and it will stay on GitHub forever.

When the beta start?

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I’d love to use it. My buddy and I were just saying this today as we fiddled with our devices.

I wonder if this could work?

Could one route signal messages via a signal proxy and bridging signal clients via a meshtastic proxy?

TCP and lora are not really a good match.