Looking for users to test bridging mesh networks

Good day,

I’m looking for users who seek to bridge two different meshtastic networks or otherwise perform actions based on radio activity.

I’ve pushed up an early Python implemention that works with v1.2 and can send radio messages to and from MQTT servers or other radios via TCP networks

The bridge can:

  1. Send encrypted radio messages to an MQTT topic
  2. Receive encrypted MQTT messages from above and transmit to a connected radio
  3. Radio messages can be ignored before transmission to other networks by attributes such as: target address, application (portnum), and distance from a connected node
  4. Radio messages can also be modified before transmission to a radio or other network
  5. Submit web requests to other services using radio message attributes

If you enjoy early stage software and you have an interest connecting two radio networks, please reach out.


I’ve been waiting for this how do I get started!? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest! Follow the link to the GitHub page provided above and there are instructions there.

You’ll need to be comfortable running Python or Docker containers to make use of this solution, at present.

You are early, so you may need to experience some frustration :wink:

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I’ll look into it but I don’t know much about running containers, either one, but if it doesn’t get too deep I can follow directions

Ohhh, I’m interested. I’ve got a long weekend this weekend and will try to get this up and running.

Great work so far!

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Thanks! Ping me if you hit a snag. If you’re on the Discord I’m Number14

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Getting closer to participating, just figured out how to upgrade my devices, manually :slight_smile:

just FYI the bridge I’ve developed only supports firmware 1.2 at the moment. Once 2.0 is released I’ll convert it, assuming there’s sufficient interest.

Of course, anyone can fork the repo and make it work with 1.3.x.


Looking forward to this taking shape, its out of my scope for now, so I’ll wait for the version more suited to end users. I appreciate your efforts!

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I’ve just updated the repo to support version 1.3 (2.0). I’ll begin doing some tests over the next week to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Feel free to check it out!

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I will as soon as I can, Thanks for the update! :frowning:

Hi @kwmesh,

I’m currently playing around with Meshtastic and bridging networks over MQTT. I’d be interested to join the testing. How can I get in touch with you?

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Hello! You can reach me on Discord. I’m Number14.