No Sats. TTGO Meshtastic T-Beam V1.1 0.9.5 US 915Mhz


The light under the OLED is solid red.
I flashed the firmware that ISN’T 0.7 and the US version.

I have not tried the battery shorting procedure but I did flash 0.9.5 twice.

I cannot find what the solid red light means. What does it?

Ideas? I will try to find a place to leave it outside but right now I have it in a window.

Hmm. Does that board have a 6m or 8m gps? You can read it on the sticker on the gps.

6M. I let it sit in the window and still ‘No sats’.

Ok. I think there is a good chance that the 0.9.7 build will fix things for you. Currently in alpha testing. If those brave souls still like it by tomorrow night I’ll release it.


filler 1231`423

No luck with 1.0.0

It’s sitting in the window for now to see if it locks but solid red light is on. Fingers crossed but I don’t have high hopes.

I had a similar issue. I found that doing a hard power off, then powering back on outside the device was able to get a lock within two minutes or so. There seems to be a problem when you power it down without a lock, but resetting it and allowing it to lock properly fixes this. Just make sure you do it outside, window does not seem to be enough.

btw: one other person reported that the little GPS snap on connector was loose. Perhaps try rotating that to see if perhaps you got a bum connector that isn’t connecting the center lead reliably.

I have the TBeam 0.7 board and it takes ages to get GPS fix… Need test a different NEO-6M module with the same small ceramic antenna.

I think the LEDs have the same purpose as on the older board. There are 4 LEDs - red under NEO 6M module is connected to PPS pin, so this will blink every second after FIX and then a blue one - just means that it running. Then there are another two LEDs on the left site near power switch - red means charging, green charging complete or it just indicates that external power is on.