No GPS on T-Beam V1.1

Hi everyone,

I just get 2 T-Beam V1.1 w/ NEO-6M and I just flash them to the latest version of meshtastic (0.9.1)

I get a “no sats” status on both of them…

I let them outside for several hours and still nothing .
I get nothing in the map inside the app.

How to fix this ?


Can you connect to the serial port of the device and capture and post the first 50ish lines it prints? (921600 baud)

You can find the log here :


Possible answers over on this thread.

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There’s a problem with the GPS on some of the T-Beams which means it stops outputting NMEA on the serial port. I had this recently. You can see the red light on the GPS flashes (which shows it has a lock), but any of the GPS sketches return no results.

I was able to get mine working again by running the second of these scripts, they basically reset the GPS and make it send out NMEA again.