Bug: TBeam never returns to 'No Sats' state


  • Took one Tbeam outside, waited for a mesh connection to Den node, and for a GPS lock (4-6 sats).
  • Brought Outside Tbeam back into the den, left it running on the desk. Powered off the Den node.
  • Returning after an hour, the red LED on the Outside node had stopped blinking, but the OLED still showed 3 bars and 6 satellites.
  • Powering on the Den node, they did reconnect to each other, the Outside OLED showed new connection status, but the SATS counter never strayed from 6. No cycling through screens will fix it.

Seems that once GPS lock is lost, the OLED stops updating the GPS field.

Expected: Return to “No sats” if true, reflect the actual state.

Also interesting: Outside node still shows a direction and distance to Den node left over from when they were 60m apart (Den is powered on <1m away, but no longer has a GPS lock).

Power cycling, of course, fixes all of this.

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thanks for the report! Definite bug, but the fix is easy. Details in here: