Newby Gateshead NE UK Pico W SX1262

Hi just starting out with Meshtastic.
I have a PI-Pico W with Waveshare Pico-Lora-SX1262-868M
I followed the setup instructions and bingo it appears to work, if the cloud with tick is anything to go by!
Tonight I will buddy up with a 2nd unit so will try and communicate P2P if that the best way?

I enabled wifi and placed the module in the loft and can see the wifi on my home network when I ‘AngryIP scan’

Once im familiar with it all I intend having one in the loft acting as a Repeater to enhance ‘The Mesh’ I have a prime hilltop location. The other I will likely keep with me in the car along with my spare non sim card Google Pixel phone.

So what im after is a link to instructions for setting up P2P as a first test with a 2nd unit please.


I think all you have to do is tap on the name of the station and select “Direct Message”. When it gets delivered the icon will look like a person with a tick over it. Is that what you are asking?


Yes that work for me thanks.

Great stuff, glad to hear that works.