New release of python api 1.2.35 (and geeksville's current queue)

(sorry I was away for a few weeks! It will probably take me a couple of weeks to catch up with bugs ya’ll found. I’m not checking old threads, so if you think there is something important I missed - please ping me with an @ geeksville. I’ll be making a new device release in a couple of days)

Changes in this python release (update with ‘pip3 install --upgrade meshtastic’):

  • @acabey added --get to let you get a particular device parameter
  • @iz1kga fixed snr, hoplimit and lastreceived updating
  • Fix (probably) a write timeout problem @Avron encountered on Windows

Just FYI my queue for the next couple of weeksish:


I’m very excited to test out the --get functionality. It’ll be helpful as I test out settings for the docs.

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Pretty please: New device release 1.2.30 ready for alpha testing! - #20 by Nanovitruvius

ooh that’s a good one thanks for pointing it out. I’ll work on it first (because crashes are bad). In the meantime if either you or @Nanovitruvius are able to leave a serial port connected to the remote node I bet it prints out a super useful error message in the tenish lines of text before it reboots. If you happen to see that message, please ping me in the bug (and/or a forum post) and it will make it much easier for me to repro and fix.

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ok @Nanovitruvius and @IZ1IVA this is fixed. It will be a few days before the next release, but github has automated builds that include this fix here (see the “built” artifact):

The bug was:


@geeksville fantastic, I will give the new build a try, thank you for looking into this!

@IZ1IVA how did you manage to capture the serial port message? I tried meshtastic --seriallog, but only got a few lines:

Transition powerFSM transition=serial API, from=POWER to=SERIAL
Shutdown BT: 219436 heap size

Nothing else, my remote nodes never reset when connected to USB, only when on battery. I took the battery out but this made no change.

I’ve connected the T-Beam to a Linux machine (a Raspberry Pi), took note of the USB port the board is connected to (USB0) and issued this command:

cu -l /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 921600
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also keep in mind that once anything talks to the device over the serial API, the device defaults to stop sending debug logs out that port (to save bandwidth). If you want to turn off this behavior change the following setting:

meshtastic --set debug_log_enabled true
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@geeksville @IZ1IVA Ok thanks to both of you, I am on OS X mainly but will give this a try, otherwise I also have a Raspberry Pi I can use.

My devices are still resetting with the new version, so I think there is another bug lurking. Is there any way to seriallog to the phone? I have never observed a reset if the device in question is connected via USB.
Could it be that I am using 18650 batteries with a protection circuit in the cap?

The bug is fixed upstream, but the new version is not out yet.

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My understanding was the code had already been built here:
I installed this build which shows up on the device as 1.2.38

After installation I saw a single reset on the devices right after installation, since then they have all been running without a reset for 10h (Edit: 30h now) , so looks like its been fixed! Thanks @geeksville and @IZ1IVA for fixing this!!

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Yes, you’re right, I misread.

I didn’t fix anything, just dumped some errors :grin:

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