New Meshtastic Python v1.2.44

New version of Python API has been published.

sudo pip3 install --upgrade meshtastic


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It would be nice to add hop limit information to the nodes table, if possible.
It is interesting to see the route of packets from nodes not only in the --debug output.
Maybe in rangetest.csv too :slight_smile:

I can add the hop limit info to range test plugin. Super easy.

Please file a feature request and we can have it into a build very soon.

If I get it in there, would you be able to help test it and make sure it works as expected? I can get the hop_limit from the mesh packet but I’m not exactly setup to see it count down.

If it doesn’t work, we’ll need take that back out of the .csv.

I wrote issue #967 on Github, I can test that it works

Sweet! Thanks.

I’ll get to it soon.