New Message Notifications in Web Client

I am currently getting a network setup in my local area. All is well and appreciate all the great documentation and tools to make this a successful process so far. I am getting familiar with the web client and self hosting (Caddy, windows 64, and chrome browser) . This totally works and I am able to connect to nodes via ble and serial and can rx/tx messages. I wonder if I am missing something when it comes to notifications of new messages via direct message or to a channel. Currently I have to manually check each peer node and each channel to see if any new messages have arrived. Is there some configuration to enable any real-time notification (badge, number of messages, etc)? Wanted to ask here before submitting a feature request to the git. Thanks in advance.


This feature is really needed! A simple chime would make the client much more useful.

Did you submit a feature request? Iā€™d like to vote on it.